• Adult Drumming Time Limit: 5 - 10 Minutes.
  • Tamari’i Drumming Time Limit: 4 - 8 Minutes.
  • Time begins when the Ra’atira speaks or when the drumming, music or dance begins. Time ends when the last performer finishes his/her performance. 
  • The penalty for going over the time limit or under the minimum time limit is 25 points for each 5 minutes beyond the allotted time.


Adult & Tamari`i:

  • There is a maximum of twenty (20) drummers and/or musicians for all group drumming/music performances.
  • Each drumming entry will consist of two portions: Basic Pehe and a choreographed piece.
  • Drumming entries must play at least five (5) of the following seven (7) during the basic pehe portion of their presentation: Paea, Pahae, Takoto, Bora Bora, Hitoto, Puarata and Tiare Taporo.
  • If other traditional beats are to be used to fulfill this requirement please submit an original drumming audio recording and documentation of its viability along with application and fees.
  • Although there is no penalty for attire, proper attire is encouraged.


You may submit six (6) sets of fact sheets by the end of registration on Saturday, Feb. 17th, no later than 9:00am. The following must be included:

  • Name of Pupu ʻOri (Group)
  • Name of Raʻatira (Group Director)
  • Name of ʻOteʻa, Aparima, and/or ʻAhuroa piece.
  • Words and translations for each song used.
  • The story or research behind the selection.
  • A brief outline of the choreography, costume, and the theme used.

 Winners will be announced at the award ceremony on Sunday, February 18th.