Junior Master & Miss Heiva


  • All contestants must be between the ages of 5 and 13.
  • All contestants must submit a Headshot Photo.
  • All contestants must submit a Talent Choice along with a Fact Sheet.
  • All contestants must submit a 250-Word Essay telling about themselves, and explaining why they want to be Junior Master or Junior Miss. (Essay will be part of total score)

    Contestants will compete in the following categories: 

    Casual Wear:

    • Each contestant will tie and accessorize a pareu of choice.
    • Fresh Flowers are encouraged.
    • Silk or Plastic foliage is not allowed.
    • Sandals or slippers may be worn.
    • Hand-held items/props are allowed.

    Talent Competition:

    • Each contestant will be given 3 minutes to perform a Tahitian Song or Drumming Piece.
    • Fact Sheet on your chosen talent entry must be submitted with entry application.
    • Drop off ipod, iphone, or mobile device for sound/music at the sound station no later than Saturday, February 18th​ at 8:00am for sound test. (No CD's)
    • For live music please fill out a Sound Stage Requirements Form.

    Evening Wear:


    • `Ahuroa Style Dress.
    • Dress must be knee length or longer.
    • Midriff must be covered.
    • Sandals or dress shoes may be worn.


    • Aloha Style Shirt.
    • Long Pants, Dress Shorts or `Ie may be worn.
    • Sandals or Dress Shoes may be worn.
    Winners will be announced on Saturday, February 17th.
    Winners must be present at Heiva i Hawai`i on Sunday, February 18th.