Mr. & Miss Heiva


  • All contestants must be between the ages of 14 and 45.
  • All contestants must be unmarried and without children.
  • All contestants must submit a Headshot Photo.
  • All contestants must submit a Talent Choice along with a Fact Sheet.
  • All contestants must submit a 250-Word Essay telling about themselves, and why they want to be Mr. or Miss Heiva. (Essay will be part of total score)

Contestants will compete in the following categories: 

Casual Wear:

  • Each contestant will need to tie and accessorize a pareu of choice.
  • Fresh Flowers are encouraged.
  • Silk or Plastic foliage is not allowed.
  • Sandals or slippers may be worn.
  • Hand-held items/props are allowed.

Talent Competition: 

  • Each contestant will be given 3 minutes to perform a Tahitian Song or Drumming Piece.
  • Fact Sheet on your chosen talent entry must be submitted with entry application.
  • Drop off ipod, iphone, or mobile device  for sound/music at the sound station no later than Saturday, February 18th​ at 8:00am for sound test. (No CD's)
  • For live music please fill out a Sound Stage Requirements Form.

Evening Wear:


  • `Ahuroa Style Dress.
  • Dress must be knee length or longer.
  • Midriff must be covered.
  • Sandals or dress shoes may be worn.


  • Aloha Style Shirt.
  • Long Pants, Dress Shorts or `Ie may be worn.  
  • Sandals or Dress Shoes may be worn.
Winners will be announced on Saturday, February 17th.
Winners must be present at Heiva i Hawai`i on Sunday, February 18th.